composite nonwovens

Fibre-reinforced composites are indispensable in many areas today. Whether in aircraft or boat construction, in the automotive industry or in wind turbines – the weight and material advantages of this technology are convincing.
Ziegler offers 3 product variants for your composite production:
  -  Surface veils - for smooth surfaces in the visible area, they are very drapable and can also
      be used in complex components.
  -  PP Core nonwovens ensure uniform and fast resin distribution.
     Our products offer the advantage that coarse fibres can be processed.
  -  Breather nonwovens - for the removal of excess resin
We have a wide range of automotive nonwovens. Our nonwovens made of natural-fibers are made of regenerative raw materials and contribute to a saving of weight, as a carrier material for door-panels or dashboards. Furthermore we have excellent automotive nonwoven for seating in cars. Our nonwoven foam composites for leather lamination provide effective prevention against creases in seats. Our products for the lamination of fabrics and artificial leather achieve excellent optics and haptics. For maximum acoustic comfort, we have a wide range of automotive nonwoven absorbers for the interior & exterior.

More information about automotive nonwovens here...

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