Acoustic insulation cars

Every vehicle needs a good soundproofing, that requires acoustic insulation in the car. An important characteristic in high-grade cars is peace and quiet. The OEM and the tier’s use our microfibre volume nonwoven for an improved and noise-optimised travel.

The specific acoustic requirements of the car-manufacturers can be fulfilled e.g. by our HACOloft. The acoustic insulation in the car from us is lightweight with optimum absorption capacity and the materials perform outstandingly. We can produce our products in white and anthracite, they are thermo-formable and adapt to any shape. They can be treated to be water or oil repellent or given antistatic or antibacterial properties. Furthermore, the products are odourless and environmentally compatible.

We can supply them on the roll or pre-cut to your specifications. Multi-ply structures are also possible as is lamination with materials of your choice including self-adhesive film for perfect acoustic insulation in cars.

More informationen about the acoustic insulation cars here...

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